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Police Regulations 2003 (f). HO Circular 021/2012. Annex B

Home Office circular 021/2012 Determinations under Police Regulations 2003 – appointment of senior officers.

This circular publicises amendments to the Secretary of State’s determinations under the Police Regulations 2003.

The Secretary of State has determined that, with effect from 22 November 2012, the determination under regulation 11 (Annex B – Appointment of Senior Officers) shall be amended. It specifies that the Senior Police National Assessment Centre and the Strategic Command Course must be satisfactorily completed before a person may be substantively appointed to a rank higher than that of chief superintendent.

It specifies that vacancies must be advertised on a public website or some other form of publication which deals with police matters circulating throughout England and Wales.

It also removes the experience requirement which had previously stated that no person shall be appointed as chief constable of a police force unless for a period of not less than two years he or she has held the rank of assistant chief constable (or commander in the Metropolitan Police Service or the City of London police force) or above in some other police force. This no longer applies.