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Police Regulations 2003 (z). HO Circular 003/2021. Annexes TA, U

Circular 003/2021: Annexes TA and U under Police Regulations 2003

Parental Bereavement Leave
Annex TA made under Regulation 33 of Police Regulations 2003 provides police officers with at least 2 weeks’ Parental Bereavement Leave following the loss of a child under the age of 18 or a stillbirth after 24 weeks of pregnancy. The leave can be taken in one go or as 2 separate weeks and must end within 56 weeks of the child’s death. Annex TA took effect on 6 April 2021.

Time-limited and targeted payments for hard to fill and demanding superintending roles.
Annex U made under Regulation 34 of Police Regulations 2003 provides flexibility for chief constables to make discretionary payments of up to £4,000 a year for officers in hard to fill roles in the federated ranks, and demanding roles in the superintending ranks. This flexibility was due to cease on 5 April 2021 but has now been extended to 30 June 2021.