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Welcome to the UK Police Law Blog

Cases involving the police throw up some of the most interesting issues for lawyers across a whole variety of areas of law. But decisions handed down by the Courts often contain important guidance for police officers. For instance in a recent case on search warrants, the High Court declared that “The necessary foundation for the issue of the warrants should be on the face of the information unless there are good reasons for not including it there. Police practice to the contrary should be changed forthwith.” But how many police officers were (until now) aware of this stern edict? And how many officers had read the Court’s judgment.

At the UK Police Law Blog we aim to keep police officers and those who advise them up to date with key decisions affecting their work – especially where the Courts provide guidance. We will also report on important changes in legislation and statutory guidance affecting the police. We won’t be blogging about criminal law (generally) – just “civil” police law.

All of the bloggers at the UK Police Law Blog are barristers at 3 Serjeants’ Inn Chambers. We have consistently been recognised as a leading set of barristers chambers. We have a top tier Police Team that has been representing police forces and police officers in the whole spectrum of police-related litigation as well as providing operational advice for over 20 years.

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