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Police Regulations 2003 (m). HO Circular 004/2015. Annex U

Circular 004/2015: away from home overnight allowance

This circular clarifies the circumstances in which the away from home overnight allowance may be paid.

The Secretary of State has agreed to amend the determination under regulation 34 of the Police Regulations 2003 (Annex U – Allowances) to clarify the intention of the Away from Home Overnight Allowance.

The Away from home overnight allowance was introduced in 2012 following national negotiations and arbitration on Winsor recommendations 11, 12 and 13 (Part 2). The Home Secretary accepted the Police Arbitration Tribunal’s (PAT) proposals for a modified form of the recommendations, setting out new arrangements for officers serving away from their normal place of duty (including on ‘mutual aid’ in another force area). Home Office circular 010/2012 refers.

To remove any scope for misinterpretation, these amendments have been made to provide further clarification of the circumstances in which the allowance should be paid, aligned with the PAT recommendation. These amendments do not alter the intention of the original determination.

The amendments are attached to this circular and are effective from 1 March 2015.